Aralia Ginseng & Coffee Drink

Why choose Aralia Ginseng Coffee?                                                                                         

First of all one should bear in mind that our diet, typically Mediterranean, is rather rich in fats. Most of us should know that these fats have negative or positive effects on the level of cholesterol in the blood depending on whether they are saturated or unsaturated.

But do we really know what the effect of “trans fatty acids” is?

Scientific studies have shown unquestioningly that trans fatty acids are more harmful that saturated fats as they raise the level of LDL cholesterol and not the HDL form thus increasing cardiovascular risk.

Read the label! So it is very important to stress the fact that our product contains less than 0.05% of trans fatty acids.


Healt goal: coffee devoid of trans fats / hydrogenated oils

Our main objective is the health aspect that concerns every possible consumer.

An absolute commitment and a task now undertaken is to arrive at a new version, completely free of trans fatty acids and hydrogenated 


Our extraordinary goal is therefore to offer a ginseng coffee without trans fatty acids, containing a ginseng extract content of 1% and soluble coffee 12%, in the ‘Original’ version already sugared and easy to prepare, which can add pleasure to those moments for a break at home or the bar, at work or in the gymnasium, increasing the capacity of the body to adapt better to the many physical and mental demands of daily life.

But that is not all…

Suitable for all requirements and for those who do not want to jeopardise their diets, we are also offering a product without trans fatty acids, Royal Bitter Taste, still with ginseng extract 1% and soluble coffee, in this case 20%. This ginseng coffee is decidedly less sweet but equally pleasant and respects more the health aspect for those who prefer a completely “light” regime of lifestyle. The slightly bitter aftertaste and low sugar dosage make it particularly flavourful and enjoyable.

The only drawback? None!


And now for a coffee break, with Aralia Ginseng coffee of course!